"What I love most about what I do is seeing my students progress. They feel empowered by their newfound confidence 

and excitement about learning."

- Christine Caserta, Tech Coach

- Rosalie Moscoe

  Founder, Health & Harmony

"Working with Christine as my computer tech was a pleasure. Not only was she efficient and skillful at identifying and solving issues, Christine was also patient, and fun to work with. She quickly identified problems on my very crowded, slow computer. With her help, I consolidated files into proper folders and deleted those that were duplicated or triplicated. She organized my music, photos, all my documents (and found important files I was missing!) She set me up with an updated Dropbox to send large files as well as a reasonably priced backup which transfers data quickly. My numbers of documents are now streamlined (about half of the former amount); and my aging computer is now working at lightning speed. Thanks Christine, I can now sleep without fear of a computer crash!"

"I am a senior who is easily intimidated by technology and am self conscious about my limits. Christine is a positive, friendly completely supportive teacher. She is never impatient with my slowness, hesitations and lack of computer savvy. Her attitude about issues that come up is that they can definitely be solved and she goes about figuring out how to get the solution. She not only showed me what I needed to do, she wrote out a ‘cheat sheet’ for me to follow in her absence. Christine makes herself available for questions and clearly rejoices in my increasing skills. I trust her completely and feel blessed that my computer needs resulted in making a connection with this cheery, positive force." 

- Sallie Olsen 

 Mt. Kisco, NY

Now Serving New York City, Westchester & Long Island

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